The pace of change in the Collaboration environment is driving demand for next-generation networks. We can talk all
we want about how a business will improve operations by transforming the way we communicate, but until we understand and see the solution in action we cannot capitalise on the benefits. When you can show measurable improvements, show business value and demonstrate the right solutions, you increase your value to your customers and the probability of winning the sale.

Collaborate Better. Cisco collaboration changes the way we think about working. It can transform your customers’ business
and dramatically improve your profitability, providing your partners with improved productivity and responsiveness, while
reducing costs.

Collaborate More. At Comstor, we understand the technology challenge you face when it comes to the Collaboration side
of your business, but at the same time we also see high growth opportunities for you. We are 100% committed to helping our partners succeed and have made investments in order to offer more support than anyone else in this demanding but lucrative market. Utilise the Collaboration Club program to ensure you are fully equipped to start profiting from each area of Cisco Collaboration: Applications, Customer Collaboration, Telepresence and Unified Communications.

With our market knowledge on Collaboration, Cisco expertise and backing as well as live facilities to demonstrate solutions to your customers, your sales are guaranteed to increase.


  Irshad Ali
Cisco Collaboration Solutions Architect
Office: +61 2 9432 1197
Mobile: +61 410 482 125
Email: irshad.ali@comstor.com



When you are interested in becoming a Collaboration partner, we will support you with tools and resources that will help you to start your journey. We will support you with tools and resources that will help you to start your Collaboration journey.

Welcome introduction kit, tools and resources to get you started   Let us help you navigate Cisco’s online tools and resources. We will summarise this information in our EDGE Welcome kit. Your dedicated account manager is your day-to-day contact for quotes/Cisco enquiries and alignment with our Cisco teams.
Sales-oriented webinars on programs, promotions, product & services   Expert knowledge and training to ensure you are up to date with the latest Cisco Collaboration developments and technologies
Promotion offers  

Special offers and promotions to drive more Collaboration sales






When you are looking to enter the Collaboration market but unsure Unified Communication or Telepresence/Video practice, we can help you along your journey. Building on from the benefits our Engage program, as a Develop partner we will also gain access to

Exclusive Training events   We provide you with the most up-to-date technical information and training on Cisco technology and affinity vendors, completing the Cisco solution.
Certification coaching and assistance   Get Certified coaching and certification assistance to grow your technical expertise
Access to Collaboration services  

Day 0) and an option of full deployment 







As a seasoned Cisco partner it is time to look into vertical markets and the different Collaboration solutions to map those to the right customers. You will have access to our Solutions Architects and Presales team that have in-depth knowledge and who can walk you through and design a high-level archtecture for your specific environment. Our Grow program also features the benefits of our Develop program and more:

Demo equipment and support  

Touch, test and learn about these technologies and solutions. Take advantage of our Cisco collaboration demonstration areas available for you and your Customers to experience the solutions first hand.

Sponsored Marketing and Lead generation   We can help to build effective Collaborative marketing campaigns and execute successful lead generation that will boost your sales pipeline.





Finally, You now know all about Cisco Collaboration solutions, you have created your tailored-solutions, Extend your reach into new markets and with new consumption models

  • If you are looking to expand your business into new geographic markets, we have the experience in multi-national roll-outs
  • Provide you with Cross-architecture Solutions, using upgrade, upsell and cross-sell activities to get the most out of your customers’ existing networks and help them to make it ready for future technologies.




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Comstor is the Cisco-centered business unit of Westcon-Comstor, shipping to customers on six continents. The business distributes the full line of Cisco security, collaboration, networking and data centre solutions.

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